The story of Empty Dreams

Empty Dreams was founded by Csaba Kellner (guitar) and Tibor Türke (drums) in the spring of 1998. From the begining they wanted   to   play some Kind of melodic/gothic metal.

The first line-up didn’t last very long, but finaly in the year 2000 a   new line-up came together: Daniela Suciu (vocals), Csaba Kellner   (guitar), Jancsi Géczi (keyboard), Levente Kovács (bass), Tibor Tűrke   (drums).

01.07.2000 Empty Dreams had it’s first gig in a local pub … a few   weeks later the bass player left the country and Anamaria Netea   (violin) joined the band.

28.07.2000 they performed at <Constelatii Rock> festival (Rm.  Valcea) where the jury granted them the Special Prize Award.

By the end of the year 2000 they also played at < Samus Rock Alive   >  Satu Mare (22.09.) and < Rock – Jazz – Folk > Craiova (09.12.)   festivals.

27- 28th of October they recorded the first demo: <I Dream…> at   the  National   Radio Studio in Tg.Mures.

The first radio broadcast took place at < Radio Romania Tineret >   Bucuresti at 02.02.2001.

The same month the band had a gig at Metal Club < Le Noir > in   Bucuresti, it turned out to be the last one with Csaba Kellner… So   from 28 of february Trebor took his place playing the guitar.

In summer 2001 they wear selected again to play at the <   Constelatii  Rock 2001 > with Emese Kiss (keyboard) as a temporary   replacement for Jancsi Géczi, this year the jury awarded them First   Place.

Between 24.09. and 01.10.2001 they recorded a second demo: < After the Rain >.

The first radio broadcast of After The Rain, followed by a live  interview with Tibor, was in December at Lenti Chiriac’s show, Studio Rock at Radio Rom. Tineret… many others followed.

In January 2002 vocalist Daniela Suciu was replaced with Corina   Lajos.

In April bass player Imre Vizi joined the band.

23.05.2002 they performed at <Top T> festival, Buzau, with a new   line-up: Corina Lajos (vocals), Emese Kiss (backing vocals), Robert   Nagy (guitar), Jancsi Géczi (keyboard), Imre Vizi (bass), Tibor Türke   (drums).

In the summer of 2002 they began working on a new demo, which   should   have contained the following songs: Silent Man, Apocalypse and Lost. Instead just a commercial version of the song Lost was made. In consequence Tibor decided not to continue going the way things where headed.

So on the 06.12.2002 the band had it’s last rehearsal together. It seemed like it was the “end of story”.

After a 3 year long break Trebor and Tibor decided to give it  another try with Jancsi Géczi playing the keyboards.

03.11.2005 they started rehearsals, things didn’t go as expected so the guys parted ways with Jancsi Géczi on the 06.03.2006.

From 22.08.2006 the new keyboard player is Emese Kiss.

06.11.2006 vocalist Szende Ledán joins the band.

03.02.2007. The band started working on their 3rd demo called < Solar Waltz >. During the recordings they seezed collaboration with Szende Ledán, the vocals being recorded by Emese.

03.03.2007. Bass player Levente Schindler joined the band.

31.03.2007. < Solar Waltz > was released as promo CD and as free download between the 31st of March and 31st of May.

19.05.2007. The first gig of the reborn Empty Dreams took place at < Dark River Rock Fest > where the band won an invitation to play at < Rockmaraton > / Pécs / HU.

15.06.2007. The title song of the new demo EP, < Solar Waltz >, was included on the compilation CD of the current month issue of HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE (#127). We would like to thank LENTI CHIRIAC, HMM’s editor in chief, who also broadcasted for the first time < Solar Waltz > and < Bad Moon Rising > at R3 Bucharest.

23.06.2007. Guitarist Csaba Kellner, one of the founding members, joined the band again, replacing Trebor.

04.07.2007. With new line-up Empty Dreams had the honor to perfom live at < Rockmaraton > / Szejkefürdo / RO , as one of the supporting acts of the legendary hungarian heavy metal band Pokolgép.

14.07.2007. Empty Dreams strikes twice in Hungary! The band had 2 gigs in the same day, for the first time over the borders of Romania: , < Rockmaraton > / Pécs and headlineing at < Beat Festival > Mágocs.

23.07.2007. < End Of My Dreams > was included on the < Support For The Underground > compilation of < Maximum Rock Magazine > (#28).

25.08.2007. The band performed at < Social Club > , the gig was sold out.

11.09.2007. < Silent Men > (previously unreleased) and < End Of My Dreams > performed live at Beat Festival / Mágocs / HU were released as free downloads.

13.10.2007. Guitar player Cseh Attila joined Empty Dreams.

24.11.2007. The band performed at < Social Club >, a warm up gig for the new guitar player.

29.11.2007. Empty Dreams was invited to perform at the legendar < Ami Club > in Csíkszereda / RO.

15.12.2007. Last gig in 2007 was at < metal Rudi II > Sepsiszentgyörgy / RO. Great show, great Christmas party.